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goTenna Pro X
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The world’s smallest, lightest, most cost-effective tactical mesh networking device pairs with ATAK to enable off-grid communications.  as well the goTenna native iOS/Android mobile application.

“TAK used together with goTenna is a
game changer for Wildlife Conservation,
and will leave a massive legacy in Africa"

Peter Chadwick

Game Rangers Assosiation of Africa

Frequently asked

What is the range for goTenna Pro X? It depends on the terrain and elevation. The higher you place a goTenna Pro X in terms of elevation, the wider your bubble of coverage.

What is goTenna Pro X and how does it work? goTenna Pro X is the world’s smallest, lightest, and most cost-effective mesh networking communications device. This tactical-grade VHF/UHF radio device pairs with goTenna Pro’s native iOS and Android smartphone application as well as compatible applications like the Android Team Awareness App (ATAK) for personnel tracking, collaborative mapping, and fully-encrypted chat messaging in off-grid environments. Using a Bluetooth or USB tether connection, all transmission data is displayed in the paired software application. Even when unpaired to a smartphone or tablet, goTenna Pro X devices serve as mesh relays for all other Pro X devices – eliminating or reducing the need for base stations and repeaters.

So, goTenna Pro X doesn’t support voice communications? That’s correct. goTenna’s Aspen Grove™ mesh networking protocols are designed to support short-burst data transmissions like personal location information (PLI) updates, map markings, and text-based messaging. Our low-bandwidth networks allow us to build devices that are smaller, lighter, and more cost-effective than traditional tactical-grade mesh radios. Take a look at some of our recent case studies to learn how teams augment voice communications with goTenna Pro X. In many instances, more frequent and accurate location tracking through a mesh network meant teams could restrict voice radio traffic to essential mission updates. Other teams use built-in mobile keyboard functionality to record voice-to-text messages for more hands-free operations.

Does every user need to have a goTenna device to use the TAK plugin? Yes. To be a part of the mesh network and leverage the plugin, you must have a goTenna device paired with a smartphone or tablet. However, you can create a relay node with a standalone goTenna device as long as a smartphone or tablet is still paired to it.

Does this plugin work with TAK servers? Any node on the goTenna network can also connect to a TAK server and backhaul PLI to the server.

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